Operator ecosystem

Because the Alphalink Group sets up operators, for all its partners it’s goal is to smooth out the difficulties which are part and parcel of being an operator.

Therefore Alphalink is creating a network of relations and interactions to provide quality for its services, quality that is always being constantly improved.

    The French Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority (Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications) was set up by the legislation passed in 1996 to regulate the telecommunications sector.
  • APNF
    The teams from Alphalink’s Research & Development department have established a partnership with the French Authority for Fixed Phone Number Portability (APNF -Association pour la Portabilité des Numéros Fixes) which involves an interconnection between the Alphalink Group’s network and the database of common references which APNF has created and which it maintains. Alphalink is a Technical Supply Operator for the APNF.
    The Portability EIG is an Economic Interest Grouping whose role is to run at minimum cost a central computer system to manage mobile portability.
    Axione and Covage
    Since the French Law for Trust in the Digital Economy (LCEN – Loi sur la confiance en l’économie numérique) was passed in 2004, local and regional authorities have been able to invest in networks. These partners develop areas with little internet, fibre or electronic communications coverage. They work to create links between networks, particularly in areas which really want to encourage development by using Public Initiative Networks (PIN) and this means that Alphalink has a presence throughout France.
    Orange and Numericable-SFR are leading players in telecommunications in France. With the main network in France, Orange covers most of the French population.
    SFR is one of the leading providers of ultra-high speed internet today and is our preferred mobile customer base provider.
    To run an operator business, you need infrastructure partners in the same way as technical partners are needed.
    For Alphalink it is important to be able to use « dark » fibre.