An operator for growth

Alphalink helps your company become what it will be tomorrow.

The Group works to support IT companies to strengthen their customer relations. Each partner benefits from Alphalink’s whole range of expertise with regard to sales, marketing and administrative support, « Time to Market » and Return on Investments.

Based on a multi-operator backbone infrastructure, the Convergence Operator Pack (COP) meets all the operator’s functional and operational requirements: control and convergence of data networks and of fixed and mobile telephony. The operator then becomes a Global Virtual Network Operator (GVNO).

High and ultra-high speed internet fleche-carree ADSL, SDSL, EFM, Fibre, IP transit

Fixed telephony fleche-carree Voice over IP, (Centrex, UCaaS), VGA

Mobile telephony fleche-carree MVNO

Hosting fleche-carree Telco Center, the Alphalink Group’s Datacenter