Fixed voice

With the era of Voice-Data convergence upon us, if you want to develop your telecoms business, then control over fixed voice services is a crucially important challenge.

The Alphalink Group’s platform includes a multi-operator call collection and termination service (fixed voice) that allows its partners to develop a new profit centre by providing a complete voice service (Centrex, UCaaS), which is qualitative and complies with legal restrictions.

The Alphalink Group covers every aspect of running a voice business that needs to be dealt with:

  • managing financial risk
  • legal support (statement ARCEP)
  • portability of geographical and non-geographical numbers

So that it can provide the whole range of telephony services, Alphalink has added to its VoIP offer an Orange Wholesale Subscription offer which involves providing its customers with an analog (LR) or digital (TO) mode connection to the Orange network.