Team spirit

The regatta

We wanted to use sailing, something we’re passionate about, as a way of helping to develop the business.

There are many similarities between sailing and business. Team spirit, mutual respect, emergency situations, the unforeseen and the intense quality of interactions, individual and collective consciousness, the need to keep moving, etc. We can all be sure that this project will be of benefit to everyone involved.

The Alphalink Group offers its employees an activity that brings everyone together and one, which can meet most people’s expectations. And being so close to the sea in Pornic, a sea-based activity comes naturally to mind.

This is how the « Alphalink Sailing » project came about!

It’s all about offering colleagues the opportunity

  • to take advantage of free lessons so they can learn how to sail,
  • go out on the sea, enjoy sea excursions
  • and compete in regattas at sailing events.